Cheating Guide 101; How to Cheat in Backgammon

People are cheating everywhere you look; in politics, in relationship, among themselves, in work, and most of all in games. The Olympics has never been free of cheating athletes who use doping and in any sport and game, cheating is easily done. The tough part about cheating is not to get caught. One of the oldest and popular games in history is definitely Backgammon. Backgammon requires skill and fast thinking, but how do you cheat in a game, that seems to transparent and hard to cheat? We will tell you how;

Backgammon has several building blocks; the dice, the checkers, and the board itself. You can try to cheat using either one of these tools, or even all together. Since the opponent is sitting right in front of you and everything is open, it might seem like there is little chance in trying to cheat your way into winning the game of backgammon, but you might have not thought about all the possibilities yet.

The first cheating possibility is to cheat where the opponent least expects it; right in front of his eyes. If he is a professional player, then forget it, because he is trained to see these mistakes, but if he is an amateur, then it is your chance to shine. Whenever you take steps with your checkers, move the checkers as quickly as possible to the desired point. For example if you rolled a six, then you can take a seven or five whichever is more convenient. Count up to six every time you step, but make sure you do not point the checker on the board every time you count. Just slide them or place them directly. Adjust the speed so that you cheat by a place of two, and place the checker once you have finished counting.

Another way to cheat in backgammon is to prepare another set of 'winning dices' which will ensure you that you always roll the right amount of doubles. Prepare them behind you, or put them in your sleeve, so that when it is your time to roll, you switch them every now and then. This is also a good method once you have cornered him to your home and the only number which is free is the number one. With the cheating dice, he will automatically roll higher numbers and never get back into the game.

The last way to cheat in backgammon is to give the backgammon board an occasional push so that you have to rearrange the checkers. Just place some checkers to your advantage and some of your opponents' checkers to your advantage, and do not make it too obvious. Now you got all the tools you need to successfully cheat in the game of backgammon.